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Ready to Build Your Order?

We want to make your set up as simple as possible. To start your service with us, you simply need to select your water type and size of jug, the cooler, and if you want any add-ons.

Before you Set up your order:

Understand the fees:

On the checkout screen and future invoices, you'll see two types of fees: delivery fee & bottle deposit.

  • We charge a $3.50 delivery fee on all orders, no matter the size of the order. You will see a delivery fee on your set up and on all future orders.

  • When starting a new order or adding more jugs to your existing order, you will be charged a refundable $5 per jug deposit. When you are done with your service with us and return your final water jugs, we will return your jug deposits. If you decide to keep the jugs after service ends, you will lose the deposit.

Understand Future Billing & Delivery:

When you put in your order, this is not a subscription; this is the set-up. When we deliver your first order, we will provide a few different pieces of information:

  • Instructions to set up your "Bill Pay" which is how you will pay in future months.

  • A delivery schedule that is specific to your area so that you know exactly when we will exchange your water jugs.

Understand Residential vs. Commercial:

For commercial set-up, we recommend that you call our office and not use the form below. Every office, business, factory, etc. requires a different set-up and requires different management. To set up your commercial order, please call our office.
Call Water Time

As you add items to the cart, your order will be updated in real time. The cart will be calculated after "Step 3." If you see nothing in your cart even though you've added a few items to the cart, please contact us.

Step 1: Pick Your Water Size & Type

5 Gallon Jug

5 Gallon Jugs

Select Your Quantity and Options:
3 Gallons Jug

3 Gallon Jugs

Select Your Quantity and Options:

1 Gallon Jugs (Comes in Cases of 6)

Select Your Quantity and Options:

Step 2: Pick Your Cooler

Residential Water Coolers

Residential Water Coolers per month

Select Your Quantity and Options:

Step 3: Select Any Add-ons

Water Bottles

24 Pack Water Bottles per month

Select Your Quantity and Options:
Water Bottle Palette

Water Bottle Palette (84 cases) per month

Select Your Quantity and Options: