Commercial Water Delivery

Commercial water delivery and water coolers are a different beast than residential. Our experience staff has been working with Michiana businesses for many years. Whether you are a school, office, warehouse, church, or any other business, we have the ability and capability to serve you.
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Commercial Water Delivery Featured

Keep both your employees and visitors hydrated and happy.

Placing water coolers in lobbies is a simple and effective way for companies to provide a basic level of hydration for visitors and employees alike. While it may not be a comprehensive solution, it can serve as a helpful addition to promote healthy hydration habits and contribute to a welcoming and hospitable environment.

Rather than stress about making sure that your water coolers are functional and clean and that you have enough water to handle your needs, call the professionals for help.

Why you should consider switching to Water Time's water delivery & Service for your Commercial Business

One Less Administrative Task

We handle the stress of managing your water delivery, exchange, and cooler maintenance so that you and your office staff never has to think twice about it.

As many coolers as you need

Whether you need 1 cooler or 10, we can serve your needs. We offer both bottle-less coolers (that hook up to your existing water supply) and traditional water jug coolers to serve any need.

No more "we're out of drinking water"

Whether you choose to have a bottle-less cooler or require bottles, our team makes sure that you never run out of water and that the water you do have is both clean and refreshing.

Service and Maintenance

We service every machine we provide. This ensures that the machine is both functional and free from mold and mildew.

Easily Update Your Plan

If you need to quickly add more jugs to an order, no worries! Need to add another cooler to the office? We will quickly provide another. Our job is to serve you.

We Know Water

On site water chemist to make sure your water is pure clean to ensure you get what you pay for with your water.

Now offering Bottle-less Water Coolers

In many cases, we are able to install a bottle-less water cooler in your commercial space! This saves you money and energy on making sure that your water jugs are always filled. Plus, you never need to store bottles and jugs again because you have an unlimited supply of fresh drinking water.
Crystal Pro water cooler

Crystal Pro

  • $55.00 per month rental
  • 4 stage filtration including reverse osmosis 
  • Dispenses hot, ambient and cold water
  • Automated approach and night lighting
  • UV light final stage sterilization
  • Auto leak detector with visual and audio alert
  • Antimicrobal contact points
PWC 1000R

PWC 1000R

  • $45.00 per month rental
  • Suitable for up to 40 people
  • 3 stage filtration including reverse osmosis 
  • Dispenses hot and cold water
  • Comes in white or black
  • Image

    PWC 400R Counter Top Water Dispenser

  • $45.00 per month rental
  • Space-saving countertop model
  • Suitable for up to 30 people
  • 3 stage filtration including reverse osmosis 
  • Dispenses hot and cold water
  • Push-button control
  • Image

    We Deliver Water Pallets

    If you like to always have personal sized water bottles on hand, water pallets are the way to go. Water Time is the area's leading water pallet delivery service that also services point of use coolers.

    Each palette of water bottles contains 84 cases, with each case containing 24 individual bottles (2,016 bottles total).

    If you'd like to purchase cases of water instead of the full pallet, we are able to do that, too!

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    Types of water We Provide

    Purified Water

    Purified Water

    • Most cost-effective option
    • Best for cooking and coffee machines
    • Same water that you would fill your water jugs with at a supermarket
    Distilled Water

    Distilled Water

    • Distilled water is boiled to remove contaminants
    • Generally used in sterile environments
    Spring Water 2

    Spring Water

    • Best tasting drinking water
    • Water has been naturally filter through nature
    Mountain Valley

    Mountain Valley Spring Water

    • The White House's water of choice
    • Best name in all of water
    • Delivered in a glass bottle to ensure 100% BPA free and resistant to contaminating the water while sitting

    Water Time Office Water Delivery FAQ

    How Do I Set Up My First Order?

    We recommend that you call the office to set up your first order. That way, we can figure out the best cooler, water delivery method, and placement of your coolers. We may want to visit your facilities to help you plan your need.

    Can I Also Get Water Bottles?

    Yes! We do delivery water bottles on pallets if requested. This way, you can be sure to always have water on hand.

    When Does the Exchange Happen?

    We will inform you of your delivery schedule. Since you don't have to relocate your empty coolers, you don't need to worry about anything besides serving your customers.

    Will you bring the new water jugs into My Business?

    Yes! When you change out your jugs, you place them in the designated empty cooler location of your choice. We replace the empty jugs with new clean, filled jugs.

    Is there a installation or monthly fee?

    All maintenance and regularly scheduled filter changes are included in the monthly rental rate. We will test the source and product water upon installation and periodically during use to make sure the units are working at optimal performance. An installation fee may be assessed but would be quoted upfront after a site visit. Installation fee not to exceed $49 per cooler.

    If I have my own cooler, can I still use your for water delivery?

    Most certainly! We recommend that you use our coolers because we provide and service the machines, but you are not required to use our machines to have be on our water delivery program. However, if your cooler breaks and you own it, we will not service it as a part of your maintenance plan.

    The Water Time Team is Here To Serve You

    We pride ourselves in being a "for Michiana, by Michiana" business. Our whole team loves our community and seeks to help people live their best lives – we just believe that it starts with having stress-free, great drinking water.

    Let's set up your office's water delivery today.

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