Water Delivery Water Types

Which water is the best water?

You've heard the phrase "water is water," but we disagree. Every water we offer is of the highest quality, but each type of water we offer is slightly different. Let's break it down.

Types of water We Provide

Purified Water

Purified Water

  • Most cost-effective option
  • Best for cooking and coffee machines
  • Same water that you would fill your water jugs with at a supermarket
Distilled Water

Distilled Water

  • Distilled water is boiled to remove contaminants
  • Generally used in sterile environments
Spring Water 2

Spring Water

  • Best tasting drinking water
  • Water has been naturally filter through nature
Mountain Valley

Mountain Valley Spring Water

  • The White House's water of choice
  • Best name in all of water
  • Delivered in a glass bottle to ensure 100% BPA free and resistant to contaminating the water while sitting

Water Bottles/Jugs We Provide

5 Gallon Jug

5 Gallon Jugs

  • Most Popular
  • Weigh 42 lbs
  • Provides forty 16oz glasses of water
  • You can choose any of the four water options
3 Gallons Jug

3 Gallon Jugs

  • Ideal for 1 person homes or for persons who can't lift over 40 lbs
  • Weigh 25 lbs
  • Provides twenty four 16oz glasses of water
  • 3 gallon jugs only come in purified water
  • Image

    1 Gallon Jugs

    • Ideal if you want to bring your drinking water on the go or if you want to store extra water
    • Ideal if you need to use water in your office or home that you need to be perfectly clean and not transfer through a water cooler
    • Provides eight 16oz glasses of water
    • Comes in cases of 6 (6 gallons total)
    Water Bottles

    Bottled Water

  • You can order water bottles in cases of 24 bottles or as a full palette (84 cases)
  • Why you should consider switching to Water Time's residential water delivery

    No more "we're out of drinking water"

    With routine water delivery, you never have to remember to fill up your jugs. Plus, we send you a text reminder the night before your exchange!

    No more dirty jugs

    You wash your dishes but when was the last time you washed your jugs? Bacteria thrives in sitting water, and we ensure that every jug that is delivered is properly cleaned and sanitized.

    More Time on Your Calendar

    No more driving to the store and waiting 20 minutes to fill your jugs. Get instant water exchanges, right at your front door.

    Try Other Waters

    Curious about how other waters taste in comparison to what you currently have? No worries! We can always change your plan. We just request that you call us first.

    Easily Update Your Plan

    Need to add another 5 gallon jug? Want to sign up for a water cooler plan instead of owning your own? We have you covered. Just give us a call!

    We Know Water

    On site water chemist to make sure your water is pure clean to ensure you get what you pay for with your water.

    We make it painless to set up your delivery plan!

    Setting up your first residential order? Here’s how it works:


    Build an order According To Your Needs

    Select your desired water type, bottle amount, & equipment, all right here on our website.

    We Delivery Your Order

    One of our experienced delivery drivers will deliver your items within a business week of ordering.

    Prepare for the Following Months of Delivery

    To set up your auto payment, you’ll receive instructions with your delivery regarding exchange schedule and how to set up your billing plan, using our billing software.
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    Learn About the Different Types of Water

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