We are Michiana's Premier Water Delivery Company

Helping Michiana go bottle free and not settle for anything but the best when it comes to both water and the delivery process.
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What Makes Water Time Different?

Water Time has been serving the Michiana community for well over a generation, and to this day, we focus on serving our customers by providing the best water available and service our machines so that you have a stress-free experience. Our dream is for all of Michiana to minimize water bottle waste while never stressing about having great drinking water.

Saving you time and money, let our team of expert delivery drivers bring fresh drinking water in freshly sanitized jugs. No more going to the grocery store to fill up your jugs; no more bacteria going into your water.

Our Goal is to Serve You

We pride ourselves in being a "for Michiana, by Michiana" business. Our whole team loves our community and seeks to help people live their best lives – we just believe that it starts with having stress-free, great drinking water.Here's just a handful of benefits that you get when you choose Water Time:
I'm Ready To Build My Order!

On site water chemist to make sure your water is pure clean to ensure you get what you pay for with your water.

Bacteria thrives in sitting water, and we ensure that every jug that is delivered is properly cleaned and sanitized before a fresh water delivery shows up at your house.

Direct text line so that if you have questions or need a change to your order, you can be serve efficiently and easily.

Text reminders the day before exchange so that you never miss a water delivery exchange!

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