PROFESSIONAL Water Delivery in Mishawaka and Osceola, Indiana

Water Time provides home and office water solutions by offering Bottled Water delivery and service. No matter what type of water delivery services you need, we are able to serve you!

Trusted by many Mishawaka & Osceola Residents and Businesses

Receive a direct texting line for updates and questions

Water quality approved by on staff water chemist


Save time, energy, and brain-space when you have your water delivered.

Like many others, you find yourself spending countless hours standing at the water fill-up station at your local grocery store. By the time you drive to the store, fill up your three jugs, and drive home, you can be spending anywhere from 30-45 minutes every week – that's 2-3 hours every month! Reclaim that time and never worry about having to refill your water jugs today when you let us delivery your water directly to your doorstep.

If you live in South Bend or in the surrounding community, let Water Time serve you!

Why you should consider switching to Water Time as your Mishawaka water delivery company:

No more "we're out of drinking water"

With routine water delivery, you never have to remember to fill up your jugs. Plus, we send you a text reminder the night before your exchange!

We Know Water

On site water chemist to make sure your water is pure clean to ensure you get what you pay for with your water.

No more dirty jugs

You wash your dishes but when was the last time you washed your jugs? Bacteria thrives in sitting water, and we ensure that every jug that is delivered is properly cleaned and sanitized.

Try Other Waters

Curious about how other waters taste in comparison to what you currently have? No worries! We can always change your plan. We just request that you call us first.

Easily Update Your Plan

Need to add another 5 gallon jug? Want to sign up for a water cooler plan instead of owning your own? We have you covered. Just give us a call!

More Time on Your Calendar

No more driving to the store and waiting 20 minutes to fill your jugs. Get instant water exchanges, right at your front door.


Who do we serve?

Over the last couple decades, we've been able to deliver water to homes and businesses of all types here in the Mishawaka & Osceola areas, including:

Homes, apartments, and Town Homes

Retirement Communities

School Offices and Teacher Lounges

Doctor Offices and Hospitals

Dental and Orthodontist Offices

Corporate Offices

co-working spaces

Youth & Rec Centers

warehouses and factories

Police Departments and Fire Stations

What people are saying about our water delivery service for Elkhart?

We love our water from WaterTime!!! Always provides excellent, above and beyond customer service!!! Great family owned company!!!
Jamie Relias
Thank you and I would recommend them to anyone that are looking for good quality water. They have excellent customer service and support. Love their water. Their delivery drivers are Excellent.They are a 5 STARS.
Lynda Nolan

Frequently Asked Questions

Water Time provides home and office solutions by offering Bottled Water delivery and service. No matter what type of water delivery services you need, we are able to serve you!

How does the water delivery exchange work?

For residential water deliveries, a text is sent the night before to remind you of the exchange. You will set out your empty water jugs outside your door, and we will exchange them there for you to take into your house.

How do I set up my water delivery?

Scroll down one more section to set up your first water delivery! At your first delivery, you will receive a water delivery schedule for your area of South Bend as well as instructions on how to set up auto payments for your billing moving forward.

Does Water Time delivery to only Mishawaka/Osceola?

We deliver water to all of the Michiana area (Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan). For commercial deliveries, we travel beyond the Michiana area.

Can I change anything in my water delivery plan?

Yes! You can reply to the text reminder if you need an extra water jug, or you can call our office to change the type of water, amount, and cooler.

Types of water We Provide

Purified Water

Purified Water

  • Most cost-effective option
  • Best for cooking and coffee machines
  • Same water that you would fill your water jugs with at a supermarket
Distilled Water

Distilled Water

  • Distilled water is boiled to remove contaminants
  • Generally used in sterile environments
Spring Water 2

Spring Water

  • Best tasting drinking water
  • Water has been naturally filter through nature
Mountain Valley

Mountain Valley Spring Water

  • The White House's water of choice
  • Best name in all of water
  • Delivered in a glass bottle to ensure 100% BPA free and resistant to contaminating the water while sitting

Before you Set up your order:

Understand the fees:

On the checkout screen and future invoices, you'll see two types of fees: delivery fee & bottle deposit.

  • We charge a $3.50 delivery fee on all orders, no matter the size of the order. You will see a delivery fee on your set up and on all future orders.

  • When starting a new order or adding more jugs to your existing order, you will be charged a refundable $5 per jug deposit. When you are done with your service with us and return your final water jugs, we will return your jug deposits. If you decide to keep the jugs after service ends, you will lose the deposit.

Understand Future Billing & Delivery:

When you put in your order, this is not a subscription; this is the set-up. When we deliver your first order, we will provide a few different pieces of information:

  • Instructions to set up your "Bill Pay" which is how you will pay in future months.

  • A delivery schedule that is specific to your area so that you know exactly when we will exchange your water jugs.

Understand Residential vs. Commercial:

For commercial set-up, we recommend that you call our office and not use the form below. Every office, business, factory, etc. requires a different set-up and requires different management. To set up your commercial order, please call our office.
574-279-8558Call Us Now

Step 1: Pick Your Water Size & Type

5 Gallon Jug

5 Gallon Jugs

Select Your Quantity and Options:
3 Gallons Jug

3 Gallon Jugs

Select Your Quantity and Options:

1 Gallon Jugs (Comes in Cases of 6)

Select Your Quantity and Options:

Step 2: Pick Your Cooler

Residential Water Coolers

Residential Water Coolers per month

Select Your Quantity and Options:

Step 3: Select Any Add-ons

Water Bottles

24 Pack Water Bottles per month

Select Your Quantity and Options:
Water Bottle Palette

Water Bottle Palette (84 cases) per month

Select Your Quantity and Options:

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