Residential and Home Water Delivery

Never run out of clean, sanitized water for your family again! With our home water delivery, we exchange your 5 gallon water jugs right on your doorstep.
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Residential Water Delivery
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Water Time Residential Water Delivery

Save Time. Reduce Plastic Use.

Most families purchase hundreds of water bottles every year out of convenience and ease. However, you could be both throwing away your money and hurting the environment. We're here to help.

You have a family to love and manage; we want to help you out! Quickly set up water delivery for your home and take one thing off your never ending to-do list for good!

Why you should consider switching to Water Time's residential water delivery

No more "we're out of drinking water"

With routine water delivery, you never have to remember to fill up your jugs. Plus, we send you a text reminder the night before your exchange!

No more dirty jugs

You wash your dishes but when was the last time you washed your jugs? Bacteria thrives in sitting water, and we ensure that every jug that is delivered is properly cleaned and sanitized.

More Time on Your Calendar

No more driving to the store and waiting 20 minutes to fill your jugs. Get instant water exchanges, right at your front door.

Try Other Waters

Curious about how other waters taste in comparison to what you currently have? No worries! We can always change your plan. We just request that you call us first.

Easily Update Your Plan

Need to add another 5 gallon jug? Want to sign up for a water cooler plan instead of owning your own? We have you covered. Just give us a call!

We Know Water

On site water chemist to make sure your water is pure clean to ensure you get what you pay for with your water.

Water Time Residential Delivery FAQ

How Do I Set Up My First Order?

The easiest way to start your order is to place your order right here on the website! Choose your water type, amount, and cooler to get started. After delivery, we'll provide you information on how to set up your monthly payments for ongoing service.

How Much Water Should I Get?

Generally, a family of 4 will go through 4-5 jugs per month. That being said, we always suggest that you get one more than you think you'll use. That way, you're not without. We can always change your order down the road.

When Does the Exchange Happen?

On your first delivery, we'll hand you an exchange calendar for the whole year. You simply need to put out your used bottles the night before and we'll exchange the bottles that are left outside with fresh bottles.

Will you bring the new water jugs into my house?

Unless you are physically handicapped, we do not enter homes. If you have questions, please call us before placing an order.

What types of water do you offer?

We offer purified, distilled, spring, & Mountain Valley spring. To see a breakdown on water types, click here.

If I have my own cooler, can I still use your for water delivery?

Most certainly! We recommend that you use our coolers because we provide and service the machines, but you are not required to use our machines to have be on our water delivery program.

What people are saying About Our Home & Residential Water Delivery

Don't just take our word for it. Here's real reviews about our water delivery service.
It’s a very convenient service at a reasonable price. I no longer have to lug 5 gallon water bottles to the grocery store to refill. With Water Time full bottles are waiting outside of my door first thing in the morning.
Joel Szymanowski
Fantastic service, and reasonable prices. I am so pleased. Keep up the great work!
Julie Blakeslee
Excellent communication and great water. We have saved a lot of plastic bottles by using this service.
Kimberly Wireman
Water Time has always been reliable, convenient, courteous, and reasonably priced. I would recommend them to anyone looking for home water delivery.
Barbara Gresik

We make it painless to set up your delivery plan!

Setting up your first residential order? Here’s how it works:


Build an order According To Your Needs

Select your desired water type, bottle amount, & equipment, all right here on our website.

We Delivery Your Order

One of our experienced delivery drivers will deliver your items within a business week of ordering.

Prepare for the Following Months of Delivery

To set up your auto payment, you’ll receive instructions with your delivery regarding exchange schedule and how to set up your billing plan, using our billing software.
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Learn About the Different Types of Water

The Water Time Team is Here To Serve You

We pride ourselves in being a "for Michiana, by Michiana" business. Our whole team loves our community and seeks to help people live their best lives – we just believe that it starts with having stress-free, great drinking water.

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